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The Women in the Picture Association is dedicated to promoting women in the fields of cinema and television

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Women in the Picture Association was founded in 2004 by Anat Shperling and Naama Peresin Orpaz. Since its establishment, the flagship project of the association has been the International Women's Film Festival, which took place in Rosh Pina for over a decade. In 2019, the Women's Film Festival was reestablished by Shira Mishor and Lihie Sabag, with the support of the Jerusalem Film Creators Forum and the Municipality of Jerusalem. The festival serves as a unique and pioneering platform in Israel, providing a voice and perspective for female creators. It advocates for increased budgets for women in the Israeli film industry and works towards changing the representation of women in cinema. The association played a pivotal role in establishing the "Forum for Female Filmmakers and TV Creators in Israel" in 2012. This forum is an active social organization that promotes, encourages, and supports filmmakers from diverse social backgrounds in Israel. Its mission is to address gender inequality on and behind the screen and to broaden the cultural discourse in Israel. The International Women's Film Festival in Jerusalem is the only festival in the country that focuses exclusively on women's films. Each year, the festival screens over 60 prominent films made by and about women in Israel and around the world. The screenings include Israeli narrative and documentary feature films, independent short films, student films, and international feature and documentary films. Over four days, the festival celebrates women's cinema with screenings at the Jerusalem Cinematheque and other screening venues across the city, reaching diverse communities and audiences. The festival also features online screenings of selected films, filmmaker hospitality events, a short film bundle on Partner TV, and more. The festival actively engages in social initiatives in Jerusalem, bringing quality cinema to marginalized populations. In 2022, the festival gave rise to the "Talking Films" initiative, an annual project that screens films in shelters for women affected by violence and facilitates meetings with the filmmakers. Cinema, as a cultural system, is visible to millions globally, shaping reality and exerting a broad influence on society and culture. We believe that equal representation leads to a better world and aim to create a festive and high-quality platform for women's cinema, by women, and for everyone

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Anat Shperling
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Shira Meishar

lives in Jerusalem. She is a graduate of honor program at the Ma’aleh Film School in Jerusalem. She is the Writer and Director of "Home Made" (short fiction film, 2017) which was nominated as a semi-finalist in the 44th Student Academy Awards. It was Screened in international film festivals, among them: Palm Springs Shortfest, Cinequest, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival and at Durban International Film Festival. "Hanna Is Beautiful" is her first short documentary film produced in Israel, and she was the director of the film "The Heat Fell From The Sky" (short documentary film, 2020), which was filmed in Poland. Shira edited eight short- fiction films, and has received the Best Editing prize in the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival for editing the film “Oshri". Her short fiction film "The Beauties Day of the Year", (2022) is( written and directed as well by Shira) and will be premiered at the International Film Festival in Haifa. Shira received funding to direct a new film GRACE that will be produced soon. Shira was a lecturer at two cinema funds during the past year. In addition to film producing, Shira is also co- founder and manager of the Jerusalem Women’s Film Festival which will be celebrating its fourth year this coming year.

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Lihi Sabag

Lihi is co- founder and manager of the Jerusalem Women’s Film Festival which will be celebrating its fourth year. She is a 2018 graduate of Hohner from the Ma’aleh Film School ( 2018) in Jerusalem . Lihi Won the best producer prize that year Producer and Director of "A Ray of light" (short documentary film, 2017) Won the Van lir award at the Jff in 2017. She also directed "Paulina"(short documentary film 2020) which was filmed in Poland. "Oshri" is Lihi's first short fiction film and it won the best editing prize at the Tel Aviv international Student Film Festival, and also participated in festivals around the world. Lihi produced six short films which were screened in international film festivals, among them is "Home made" that was nominated at the semi-finalists in the 44th Student Academy Awards. Presently is working on her new documentary film- "Reuveny" which is being supported by the Jerusalem Film Fund, and she is producing another short movie.

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Ronit Kark

Ronit Kark is a Full Professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University and was the founder and former Director of the 'Gender in the Field Graduate Program' at the Gender Studies Program, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. She is also a Distinguished Research Professor at the Exeter School of Business, UK, and an Anna Boyksen Awardee and Fellowship for the Study of Gender and Diversity at the School of Advance Studies of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Prof. Kark also has extensive experience as a senior management consultant and an organizational psychologist. Last, she serves voluntarily on the advisory committees and boards of different NGOs in Israel that aim to enhance social change and equity.

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Ronit Kfir

A communication professional with a keen ability for engaging with clients, adept at public speaking, teaching, and advising on communication with profit-oriented intentions. With 20 years of experience as an interior designer, she broadcasted on Galei Zahal and Galgalatz between 1988-2006, and presented television programs for children and adolescents.

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Yaara Ozery

Yaara Ozery is a film scholar, lecturer and an independent film curator. She’s a PHD student and lecturer at the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University, and a lecturer at the Kibbutzim College. Her research focuses on women’s cinema and documentary cinema. Formerly worked as Program Manager for Docaviv – The Tel Aviv International Documentary Film Festival. Yaara is the initiator and organizer of Mirrors – The First Women’s Film and Television Conference in Israel.

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Ori Keidar

Attorney, senior partner in the Nebo-Kidar-Bloom law firm and specializes in constitutional law. Uri is a feminist social activist, who has served as the founder and co-chairman of the headquarters for the fight against trafficking in women and prostitution for twenty years. Among other things, he promotes issues of protection and gender equality in sports, equality in education and the IDF. Uri is married and has two daughters and two sons.

חברי וועד מנהל
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Mali Feder

Retired Jerusalem Municipality from the Culture Division. In my work, I dealt with issues surrounding culture and art (in the department of cultural institutions - support and assistance to institutions), in tourism - in front of and with the tourist sites in the marketing of the city of Jerusalem (interior and exterior), in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design as an assistant to the deputy director for academic affairs - the establishment of the academic secretariat and handling of wide and varied issues in the academy.

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Dana Lerner

A television professional with over twenty years of diverse experience in entrepreneurship, storytelling, content management, production, business development, and leading complex processes from conception to execution. Roles include serving as the Managing Director of Sipur, the Israeli branch of an international production studio; CEO of the Israeli Academy of Film and Television; Development Manager at Salutzki Afikim Communication; Executive Producer at Channel 11, the public broadcasting corporation; Head of Original Programs at HOT8 Documentary Channel; Responsible Producer at HOT3 Channel; Editor and Manager of programs and the founding team at HOT's Israeli Entertainment Channel; Producer at Alma Productions and Metar Productions

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Benjamin Freidenberg

Film director and scholar, a Sam Spiegel Film & Television School graduate, and holds a Master’s degree in linguistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His PhD research in the Romance Studies department at the Hebrew University targets film language and its historical linkage to visual languages, which were mentioned in the comparison to cinematography. Freidenberg is a lecturer at the Screen-based Arts department of Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design and heads the East Jerusalem pre-college program of the Sam Spiegel Film & Television School. Co-founder of Jerusalem Filmmakers Forum and served as its CEO from 2016-2021.

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